Counselling, supporting und accompanying of immigrants, especially refugees

Counselling according to the integration law for immigrants

  • In connection with work, integration and studies
  • In connection with binational families and marriages
  • In connection with everyday questions (eg home situation, Kindergarten, health and social adjustment)
  • With contact to officials, doctors,attorneys, therapists and debt advisors
  • Contacting translators
  • Questions about foreigners rights
  • Questions about family unity
  • Questions about citizenship

Refugee Counselling

Questions concerning political asylum and right of residence
– Counselling is free of charge and anonymous.

Counselling hours:

Monday 9.00 – 12.00  and Thursday 9.00 – 12.00 without an appointment.

Otherwise according to appointment

Educational services for immigrants and refugees

  • Integration courses with different levels (beginners to certificate level)
  • Orientation courses

The course consists of 600 hours of German language as well as 45 hours for the orientatioin course, which acquaints the students with the laws, culture and history of Germany. The language course is divided into a basic language course and an advanced training language course each consisting of 300 hours. Both courses are divided into modules of 100 hours. The language course terminates with a test. If the students pass the test they acquire a B1 German Certificate. However, if the student does not pass the test, they can apply to BAMF and study for another 300 hours. The orientation course also terminates with a test.
The integration course is a part time course with 12 to 16 hours weekly. There are courses in the morning and afternoon. We eagerly support in questions concerning childcare.

  • Literacy courses

This course consists of 900 hours but it can be extended to 1200 hours.

  • Jobcenter aided language courses
  • Courses for the naturalisation test.

Public relations

  • organisation of cultural and informative events
  • press work
  • networking

Project “Be In”

For refugees with uncertain residence under the age of 27.
Counselling and support in following fields:

  • Questions concerning work
  • Job orientation
  • Apprenticeship and work
  • Occcupational German language course
  • Acceptance of foreign reports
  • Job application training

Our rooms can be hired for events.
Our organisation can issue a donation receipt which can be used to set off against tax liability.

The ZBBS is not only a centre for counselling and education but also a meeting place and a place of solidarity.

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